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“One Click Coloring - Channels, Tracks, Events & Arranger Sections”

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Take control of your own "color standard" for all your Studio One songs. The Color Toolbar enables uniform track colors based on names, phrases, or even channel types. Now your buses, FX, vocals, and drums will always be a consistent set of colors, speeding up your workflow when moving from one song to the next or between collaborators.

Color Toolbar (Docked)


The Color Toolbar (Docked) provides a convenient way to color channels, tracks, events and arranger sections by simply clicking one of the industry-standard colors from the palette. It also includes a clickable [C] button to Conform, [E] button to color individual events and arranger sections. The [?] button provides access to the Help section on the Color Toolbar v2 website. The [T] and [S] buttons allow you to generate incremental levels of tint, shade or the [G] button to apply a gradient (two colors) to multiple selected channels/tracks. Clicking the small rectangles above each color slot provides access to the Slot Editor. 

Colors based on the Industry-Standard Color Wheel: The latest color palette provides 60 colors (48 standard and 12 custom) which are now based on the industry-standard 12-point (primary, secondary and tertiary) color wheel. The innovative design included in the factory default provides 4 shades for each of the 12 colors. All 12 color slots in the last column are available for your custom colors.

Color Toolbar (Detached)

CT281 Detached.png


The Color Toolbar (Detached) is where all the magic begins. With just a simple click of the Conform button, you can color all your Channels and Tracks based on matched Names and Phrases. Use the factory default names or easily customize them to match your genre or workflow.

Version 2.8.1 (Latest Release)

  • New feature added:

  • A [Gradient] button to manually color multiple selected tracks. Provides an easy way to color channels/tracks with gradual blending of two colors for multiple selected channels or tracks.  This is useful for example, with an orchestra section, group of singers, guitars, etc. The docked and detached views now include [Gradient] and [G] buttons to accommodate the new feature.

  • Fixed:

  • Tint and Shade coloring did not work for multi-output instrument channels (without tracks).

  • Improvements made:

  • Replaced the "?" link that accessed the Color Toolbar homepage with a [Help} button that now connects to the online Help page to provide users quick access to Color Toolbar v2 video tutorials and documentation.

  • The Slot Editor now adheres to the standard Studio One dialog design.

  • Updated the detached Color Toolbar with better grouping of Conform parameters vs manual color edits.